Five Ways to Keep Your Kids From Drug Addiction

Although many people believe addiction is genetic and that talking to their kids about substance abuse is pointless, that is hardly the case. However, if you’re left wondering what to do, here are five ways to prevent drug addiction in your children: 

1. Teach your child that they are special. Make sure your child knows that their worth is not centered around a skill or any behavior, bad or good. Try to instill in your child the understanding that they are worthy of love and care just because of who they are.

2. Listen to them. Children will talk endlessly about their favorite cartoons, book, or music. But try not to tune them out. They can tell when you do, and if you don’t hear them when they talk about their favorite music or their friends at school, you can bet they won’t talk to you about the harder stuff.

3. Give them autonomy. Giving your child responsibilities and letting them make choices for themselves is training ground. Remember that even though letting your kids have the space to make mistakes is hard, starting early, giving your child the power to make age appropriate decisions, helps them develop the ability to work through a problem logically. This gives them a sense of confidence that will help them build healthy boundaries and make healthy decisions as they continue through life.

4. Help your child build a strong sense of self. Encourage your child to find activities and hobbies that they love. As they grow there is nothing more satisfying than watching kids begin to find the subjects they want to learn about, the communities and friends they build, the causes and creations they will be passionate about. Remember to take an interest in their ideas and their causes. Encourage them to experiment with different forms of expression and creativity. Celebrate their individuality and courage.

5. Most importantly lead by example. Your kids learn by watching you. Take care of yourself by remembering your own worth, sense of self, and autonomy.

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