How to Tell if You’re Addicted to Alcohol

If you’re already searching for signs that you potentially have a problem with alcohol use disorder, aka alcoholism, you probably already know the answer and are looking for further verification or something that says you’re not. However, if you truly are unsure whether you are addicted to alcohol, there are a number of clues that will show you’re most likely dealing with alcoholism.


How can I tell if I’m addicted to alcohol?

Worried that you might drink too much and that you might be an alcoholic? Here are some things to think about:

1. Have you had a loved one or friend approach you with concern about how much you drink? When those closest to us reach out in good faith with concern about our well being, sometimes that’s a good reason to review our behavior and reevaluate our actions.

2. Have you been having a hard time meeting your responsibilities? Are you missing work, forgetting to pay bills? Are your grades suffering? Sometimes addiction makes it difficult to tend to the most important details of our lives. If your drinking is getting in the way of every day responsibilities, it’s time to ask for help.

3. Are your relationships strained by your drinking habits? Have you lost friends or loved ones because of your behavior when you’re drunk? Do you find that you’re short tempered or more sensitive when it comes to your relationships than you used to be?

4. Do you feel panicked if you can’t get a drink right away when you want one? If having to wait for a drink makes you feel panicked or anxious, it’s time to get help.

5. Have you felt so desperate for a drink that you have stolen alcohol or money to pay for alcohol? Sometimes addiction can make us do things we would never do otherwise. If you are making reckless decisions or your behavior is being affected by alcohol it is time to get help.

6. Has your health been impacted by your drinking habit? Have you been in the hospital for alcohol poisoning? Have you been diagnosed with liver disease? If your consumption of alcohol is taking a toll on your physical health and wellbeing it’s time to get help.


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