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Helping People Live a Drug Free Life

At Sunlight Recovery, we offer an exceptional team of highly experienced and licensed clinical and medical professionals skilled in all areas of drug and alcohol recovery. We are completely dedicated to helping you or your loved one live a clean and sober life.



Comfortable detox process that is tailored to fit each patient.


Nurturing and safe community focused on getting well.
Outpatient Care


Continuing support and education for long-term recovery.

Family Outreach Program

At Sunlight Recovery we educate patients and their family members about addiction. We believe that family dynamics provide insight into addiction, and more importantly into how to have a successful recovery. A strong family support structure is essential to long-term recovery. We teach our patients and their family members how to have healthy relationships and support the patient, and an environment that will lead to a more fulfilling life.

Are you ready for a consultation?

Your treatment will be performed by licensed therapist. Schedule your appointment now!

Are you ready for a consultation?

Your treatment will be performed by licensed therapist. Schedule your appointment now!

Serving All of South Florida

Sunlight Recovery is conveniently located to serve South Florida as well as patients from out of the state.

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Long- and Short-Term Effects of Alcohol on the Skin

Drinking can sometimes lead to flushed skin, causing redness in the face. We’re all probably aware of the red nose associated with alcohol, which can seem harmless. After all, the color is expected to fade the next morning when the alcohol is out of your system. This may be true for people who only have…


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At Sunlight Recovery, we believe in providing quality residential detox care for all patients. Our doors never close and admissions counselors are always available. Call us today to take the first step towards a new life.