Sunlight Recovery Center Client Testimonials

Sunlight Recovery Center has a community focused alumni group that is actively continuing their journey with recovery. Listed below are some testimonials written by graduates of Sunlight Recovery Center:

The testimonials given are from clients speaking only in a personal capacity and are not compensated for the opinions given.

“My life was in complete and total shambles before I went to Sunlight. I seriously don’t know where I would be without the staff and community here. I have a second shot at life.”Josh, NJ
“The way that I was treated with respect, was very important to me. Also I like the in depth way I was guided to look at my issues. Even though I was guided I was encouraged to look at, work on and find my own answers. I feel that has given me the courage to do the same in my future. I really do not have enough time or paper to tell all I like about Sunlight Recovery Center. My experience here has been way to vast to put it to a singular point. Suffice to say I love this place.”Daniel, NY
“I don’t know how I am ever going to repay Sunlight Recovery Center for what they have given me. I was on death’s doorstep when I showed up here. And yet they still treated me with kindness and dignity. They made me feel like I was special and worth it. And while I am still learning how to love myself, I know now that I am worth it. I am worth sobriety. And I deserve happiness.”Andreas, NJ
“I really loved how every staff member here genuinely cared about my well being and treated myself and all the girls with enormous amounts of respect. Sunlight Recovery Center helped to recognize the problems in my life and with myself that led to my initial use of a drug. I feel as though I was sent here for a reason and I couldn’t be happier with myself that I stuck it thru.There are many girls here to learn thru, I really think there is much more to be learned. Thank you for everything.”Joy, PA
“I liked how the whole staff was very dependable to each individuals situation/problems. I like that no matter how hard things were in the beginning the therapist and techs never gave up on me and supported me threw this process. My therapist pushed me against my will, which eventually broke down my walls and gave me strength and willingness to change and to fight for my new life in recovery. I love Sunlight Recovery Center and even though it’s my 1st rehab and detox I would not recommend another. They have transformed and changed my life. “Evan, FL

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