There’s a growing recognition across America and around the world of the importance of mental health treatment and the role rehabs for mental health can play in helping people find stable, healthy lives. Undiagnosed and untreated mental health conditions can lead to attempts at self-medication that can produce substance abuse issues, sometimes leading to tragedies such as suicides or overdoses. With the proper treatment, however, there’s hope for anyone with a mental health disorder.

Sunlight Recovery is a licensed mental health treatment center that can effectively address various conditions, along with second-order effects of those conditions, such as substance use disorders. We’re available day or night for anyone feeling overwhelmed or isolated by mental health issues, and even in the very rare cases where we’re not equipped to treat a condition, we can guide you to a specialist who can.

Mental Health in America

Mental health issues are far from uncommon in America. Almost a fifth of American adults are currently experiencing a mental illness — with nearly one in 20 having a serious condition — and the United States has the world’s ninth-highest suicide rate.

The most common issues are depression and anxiety disorders, the latter of which affects an estimated 19.1% of all American adults. Rarer conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and various eating disorders require just as much attention because of how debilitating they can be. The medical impact of mental health diagnoses is an increasingly incontestable fact.

Despite this, misconceptions and stereotypes about mental health continue to present steep challenges for both those experiencing mental health issues and society in general. It’s still common for the mentally ill to be publicly stigmatized — thought of as a threat or as irresponsible malingerers who need to be taken charge of — and just as common for sufferers to self-stigmatize, internalizing negative images of their illness and developing low self-esteem. Employers still tend to take mental illness less seriously than medical illness, and finding affordable care and therapy can be difficult even with the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

The Role of Rehabs for Mental Health

Rehabs for mental health go beyond talk therapy, providing comprehensive support similar to inpatient rehab for substance abuse. The objective is to help patients develop healthy coping mechanisms, manage their symptoms and lead normal lives. This approach can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and others.

Sunlight Recovery employs a team of psychiatrists around the clock to offer counseling, medication management, and daily check-ins. Every patient has a personalized care plan that can be customized to combine behavioral therapy with regular mental health groups and holistic services to serve each client’s specific therapeutic needs.

Mental Health’s Connection to Substance Use Disorders

Mental health disorders have a strong connection to the abuse of drugs or alcohol: People suffering from undiagnosed mental illness often lean on substance use to self-medicate and wind up suffering from both their mental health symptoms and the effects of addiction. Drugs or alcohol can actually worsen certain mental health symptoms — hallucinogens are especially dangerous for people with schizoaffective disorders— and at any rate, can provide only temporary relief from issues that need longer-term solutions.

The team at Sunlight Recovery understands that treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders needs to take both things into account and address their root causes. We use a suite of sophisticated therapeutic tools and techniques to deliver these results as part of our rehab mental health service.

Sunlight Recovery’s Cutting-Edge Mental Health Treatment

Sunlight Recovery takes an integrated approach to clinical, psychiatric and medical modes of treatment. We work toward quantifiable diagnoses and measurable treatment goals for those experiencing mental health or substance use disorders or co-occurring conditions.

Our mental health rehabilitation service provides a stable and peaceful environment for participants to learn how to manage and cope with their symptoms and find their way to a better quality of life. Our cutting-edge therapies include technologies like neurorehabilitation, which uses targeted neuroimaging and treatment that rejuvenates the brain and boosts the effectiveness of medication and therapy.

Effective Treatment for a Wide Range of Mental Health Conditions

Sunlight Recovery provides effective and personalized treatment for many mental health disorders. We regard every patient as an individual with their own needs, and we customize your treatment program to address your particular history. Our treatment programs can help with the following:

  • ADD & ADHD
    Distraction, impulsiveness and hyperactivity are characteristic of these disorders, which can disrupt a person’s connections to their workplace or negatively affect their efforts to study and pick up new skills.
  • Anxiety
    An exaggerated feeling of alarm and panic is a common response to stress for someone with an anxiety disorder, sometimes interfering with the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.
  • Bipolar Disorder
    A condition that produces dramatic swings of moods and energy levels between despondent lows and manic highs, bipolar disorder can make it difficult to maintain a steady schedule or consistent relationships.
  • Depression
    A profound diminution in energy and executive function, depression goes far beyond mere sadness and can lead to debilitating loneliness and even suicidal thoughts if left untreated.
  • Eating Disorders
    Eating disorders manifest in radically abnormal eating habits, often connected to body dysmorphia, and those who experience them may attempt to achieve some out-of-reach ideal that can have serious health implications.
  • OCD
    Sufferers of OCD experience obsessive thoughts and can manifest compulsive behaviors that can reach the point of interfering with everyday life.
  • Personality Disorders
    There are a wide variety of personality disorders that can manifest in various ways, but they can all have the effect of seriously disrupting relationships with friends and loved ones.
  • PTSD
    PTSD can be a lingering effect of witnessing something traumatic, frightening or life-threatening. You don’t have to have been to war or worked in law enforcement to develop PTSD; it can happen to anyone.
  • Substance Abuse
    Dependence on the use of substances like drugs or alcohol may be difficult to break even for those who are strongly motivated to quit.

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