Inpatient Detox in Miramar

The Sunlight Recovery Center in Miramar, Florida can help you or someone you know through each rung on the ladder of drug or alcohol addiction recovery treatment. Our staff are highly experienced licensed clinicians, qualified and skilled professionals who are experts in the area of drug and alcohol recovery and dedicated to the health of their patients.

In our medical detox facility and residential treatment facility patients enjoy an upscale atmosphere with lounge areas, gourmet nutritious meals, snacks, flat screen TVs, digital cable in each room, and smoking areas to help them feel comfortable during their treatment. Our centers offer a safe sanctuary away from the stress of everyday life where we can tailor each patient’s recovery to the individual’s needs. This kind of personal attention to each patient’s treatment gives us a higher success rate for recovery.

The first steps in recovery are medical detoxification under the supervision and guidance of medical professionals, and a personal treatment plan are the first steps, we know that living sober is a choice you have to make every day for the rest of your life. Because of that we also offer a Sober Living Program to help support patients after their drug or alcohol addiction treatment, while they continue the journey of healing in their everyday activities. Sunlight Recovery is dedicated to helping support our patients and build a community of sober living.

Sunlight Recovery Center in Miramar, Florida offers psychiatric services, group therapy and a wellness facility. We focus addiction treatment on a whole body approach. Because of this we offer wellness treatments. Residential rehabilitation services also include recovery support services. Where we also connect patients to a sober living community with peer support systems.

If you, or anyone you know in or around Miramar, Florida are seeking treatment for addiction please call Sunlight Recovery Center today. Our number is (844) 426-0790