Choosing the right residential treatment program is one of the biggest decisions for patients who are in their beginning phase of drug or alcohol recovery. Where a patient goes after detox can highly impact their success of living a sober life. Our residential treatment program, at Sunlight Recovery, allows patients to reevaluate their addiction away from the stress of their daily lives, enabling them to focus on getting well in a healthy and safe environment.

Sunlight provides psychiatrist services, group therapy and a wellness facility to create a balanced residential treatment program. Patients have the opportunity to learn about their behaviors in structured individual and group therapy sessions. In order for successful recovery it is important to examine the behaviors that drive addicts to use and continue to use. During residential treatment, patients are given the chance to apply newly learned behaviors and coping mechanisms, including recovery skills, self-sufficiency and how to be a contributing member of society.

Family and life skills connect to sobriety

Our residential treatment also consists of family involvement through the progression of a patient’s recovery. We believe that family dynamics provides insight into why we use and how to successfully prevent relapse from occurring by building healthy communication between family members. At Sunlight, we not only educate about addiction but also teach very important life skills such as budgeting, job hunting, food preparation, grocery shopping, exercise and healthy leisure time activities. Skills that patients will need to live a sober life.

Our residential treatment program also emphasizes whole body recovery. We offer wellness treatments. Residential rehabilitation services also include recovery support services and we connect patients to a sober living community with peer support systems after care.

Location and living quarters

Sunlight Recovery is located just miles away from the beach. Our 3-acre facility offers a tranquil environment that allows patients to focus on our comprehensive addiction treatment program. While at Sunlight, patients will live in a home-like setting in newly remodeled apartment-style housing. We have an on-site café with gourmet food and qualified staff to assist our patients 24 hours a day. Most importantly, our campus provides a safe and healthy environment with a community support system for recovery.

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