Sherief Moustafa

Sherief Moustafa

Sherief Abu-Moustafa | Founder

Founder and CEO Sherief Moustafa has spent much of his life helping people with drug or alcohol problems achieve successful, long-term sobriety. Recovery is his mission and passion.

Mr. Moustafa found his vocation more than 25 years ago. At the time, he was working in nursing at a Harvard-affiliated training hospital. That gave him a firsthand introduction to the prevalence and medical impact of behavioral health issues, as well as their lack of treatment due to stigmatization and other problems.

Since those early days as a nurse and nursing supervisor, Sherief has dedicated himself to being part of the solution and to understanding and applying the latest research to treat substance use disorders. His work and leadership in the field have earned him recognition by Who’s Who. Sunlight Recovery is an outgrowth of this commitment to serve the South Florida community with excellent substance abuse care.

Mr. Moustafa is active in the community in other ways, too. He was instrumental in contributing a $10,000 donation and launching a major fundraiser to train a therapy dog for local first responders. He regularly sponsors educational events that raise awareness about addiction and mental health issues. His philanthropic initiatives have included the “Hope for Healing Scholarship,” which every year awards one undergraduate and one graduate student in the behavioral health field with a $5000 award to offset their tuition.