Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, the ability to spend time with yourself is crucial. Solitude and self-reflection are vital to helping you learn more about yourself, your choices and your experiences. But embracing solitude doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes, filling your day with activities and people so you can escape yourself feels like the easier option. If you’re interested in ways to start enjoying your own company, read on to learn some tips and tricks.

7 Tips for Enjoying Your Own Company

Here are some practical self-companionship tips:

1. Embracing Meaningful Activities and Hobbies

Enjoying your own company doesn’t mean you have to sit with yourself in silence doing nothing. This should be a pleasant time for you to have some fun. Consider embracing new (or revisiting old) activities and hobbies that bring personal fulfillment. You can engage in reading, hiking or long nature walks. You can also take up a hobby like sewing, knitting, painting, woodworking, baking or whatever else feels like a fun pursuit.

2. Practice Mindfulness and Self-Care Routines

You might not realize it, but as you go through some of your daily self-care routines (such as brushing your teeth or skin care), you’re taking some moments for yourself. You’re prioritizing yourself and carving time out of your busy schedule to care for yourself. If you’re already doing these things, try to be more mindful of being with yourself in these moments, or expand these routines to be a little bigger.

Here are some examples:

  • Start or end your day by writing in a gratitude journal.
  • Add a new self-care step to your nighttime routine to make it longer and feel like you’re pampering yourself. For example, try adding a face mask or hair treatment or painting your nails.
  • Try a meditation app that walks you through short but impactful meditation sessions that force you to be present with yourself.
  • Take relaxing yoga classes that encourage slowing down and clearing your thoughts.

3. Cultivating Positive Self-Talk

One of the most effective solo enjoyment strategies is to focus on changing your inner dialogue. Many people talk to themselves in a much more negative tone than they’d ever talk to the loved ones in their lives. It’s easy to be your own harshest critic.

But enjoying your own company starts with being happy with yourself — and showing yourself some kindness.

Start cultivating positive self-talk and compassion. Here are some ways you can accomplish this:

  • Say positive affirmations to yourself every time you look in the mirror.
  • Say five things you like about yourself every time you shower.
  • Buy an affirmation journal and use it daily.
  • Listen and repeat affirmations when you drive to work or go for walks.
  • Give yourself grace when you make mistakes. Stop, breathe and reflect on how if a loved one made that mistake, you’d likely be quick to forgive them.
  • When you make a mistake, identify everything you did right and give yourself credit for trying.

As you become kinder to yourself, you may notice you’re showing more grace and understanding to those around you, too — perhaps even encouraging them to do the same. Being kind and compassionate is contagious!

4. Treat Yourself

In the beginning, practicing spending time with yourself might be a challenge. If you’re not used to it or it makes you uncomfortable, you’ll have to work through these feelings. One of the best ways to do that is to make your solo time fun and exciting.

Consider viewing your solo time as dates with yourself. Take yourself to lunch, go shopping or cook yourself a delicious meal that takes time and effort to prepare. You want to reunite with yourself, so make the experience feel special by doing those favorite activities you never normally make time for.

5. Take Time for Goal Setting, Learning and Advancing

Most of us feel the best about ourselves when we’re accomplishing something. Consider using your alone time to make strides to improve yourself so you’re moving toward a better future. Following are some examples of how you can do this:

  • Setting goals can improve your mental health and aid in the improvement of some mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression.
  • Learning new skills or talents can stimulate your brain and help you improve your confidence as you prove to yourself you can learn new things. Taking the time to advance in certain skills you already have can also have the same impact. You’re learning and reinforcing that you can accomplish what you set your mind to do.

Using the time you spend with yourself to improve yourself is a double win.

6. Volunteer

One fantastic way to enjoy spending time with yourself is to volunteer. One 2019 survey found 77% of respondents reported volunteering helped improve their mental health.

Volunteering is going to make you feel better. You know you’re doing something kind and generous with your time. That will naturally make you feel great and will help make that time with yourself feel much more rewarding.

7. View Alone Time as a Gift

Do your best to shift your mindset and appreciate and cherish your alone time. The opportunity to sit with yourself is a gift. You’re wonderful, and anyone would be lucky to have your companionship — including you.

If you can think positively about this being an incredible opportunity, you’re more likely to enjoy this time.

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