Medically Monitored Detox Treatment

Medical detox is a necessary first step in the process of recovery.  At Sunlight Recovery Center, our medically monitored detox treatment consists of safely removing or ridding the body of any drugs and alcohol from the patients system.  It is important to note that detoxing should not be done at home. Without proper medical care this can be very dangerous and often unsuccessful.

At Sunlight Recovery Center, we tailor our detox treatment to the needs of the individual. We know that each patient has a unique history and detox protocols should be customized for their best outcome.  Our personalized approach results in high success rates and allows for an easy transition to residential or intensive outpatient treatment. Our highly qualified, licensed medical staff is trained to taper patients off slowly, minimizing the side effects of withdrawal so that the patients healing process can begin comfortably.

Our detox facility provides and upscale atmosphere where patients can begin their healing process in a comfortable and stress-free environment. Included amenities are lounge areas, gourmet nutritious meals, snacks, flat screen TVs and digital cable in each room, smoking areas and much more. The center was designed for patients to feel at ease during the detox process. We also provide wellness treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, yoga and meditation.

Sunlight Recovery Center’s drug and alcohol detox facility is nationally accredited. Our doors never close; We have 24-hour medical professionals on staff at all times. We are ready at any moment to assist our patients in anything they need to start their recovery comfortably and successfully.

Questions about detox? Call us today at (855) 625-6684.  Your call is confidential. 

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