Our Recovery Community

Treatment is the first step of recovery. Living life in sobriety is a life-long journey that continues after a patient leaves their treatment program.  At Sunlight Recovery Center we offer one of the most successful sober living programs for after treatment.  In our sober living program we practice a “back to basics” idea of recovery. We practice a non-enabling approach when dealing with residents. Responsibility, consistency, and accountability are all main components of the program.

Our sober living community provides outpatient treatment, ongoing recovery support and after-care treatment for both men and women. Residents in our sober living program will attend 12 step meetings, yoga and meditation classes, recreational activities, employment assistance, career planning, medication management and a variety of psychological services.

Resident housing consists of our newly remodeled homes that are just a few blocks away from our main campus. Each home features private rooms for members to focus and study the spiritual tools provided by The Four Agreements, The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, The Power of Now and Awareness.

Find out more about our sober living program at (844) 426-0790