Anxiety is a prevalent condition in the United States, with nearly 20% of adults experiencing an anxiety disorder in the past year. Fidget toys can act as a solution to anxious feelings and thoughts. Anxiety fidget toys appear to be fun toys, but for individuals with anxiety conditions, they’re one of the few resources for relief.

When seeking guidance and assistance for anxiety, it’s worth investigating the practicality and usefulness of these devices. The truth about their effectiveness may surprise you. Read on to learn how fidget toys work and the types to try for your chronic anxiety.

What Are Anxiety Fidget Toys?

Anxiety fidget toys are small objects that fit in one hand and feature different functions, textures and uses. They can help you regulate your mind and calm your nerves when feeling anxious or stressed.

Are Anxiety Fidget Toys Useful?

The past few years have been a hotbed for research into fidgets for anxiety, with their popularity growing and increasing questions over their effectiveness. Many conclusions remain unconfirmed, but growing evidence shows that these anxiety toys provide relief while influencing fine motor skills.

Studies have divided subjects into control and experimental groups to compare the effectiveness of fidget toys. Both subgroups performed well in a task requiring tracing a spiral on a tablet, but the experimental group with access to anxiety fidget toys performed better.

The research also concluded that fidgeting often occurs due to stress. Fidgeting is the most effective way to relieve stress and allow individuals to feel at peace and comfortable. The research indicates that stress toys for adults may play a positive role in managing stress and anxiety.

Occupational therapists are beginning to accept stress toys for adults as legitimate treatment options for individuals with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and ADHD. The primary drawback was the negative attention individuals may receive.

Benefits of Fidget Toys

Using fidget toys to manage stress and anxiety has several benefits. The primary goal is anxiety relief, but these small stress toys for adults offer other potential benefits. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of using anxiety fidget toys.

Improved Focus

When individuals engage with fidget toys, they find an outlet to redirect restless energy. Releasing that energy allows these individuals to focus on tasks and remain present. Fidgets can also be used for anxiety to boost focus and mental performance.


Another benefit of anxiety fidget toys is relaxation for the mind. Many people feel a sense of grounding when using fidget toys. Sensory focus is improved, allowing the individuals to relax and achieve a higher state of mindfulness.

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety relief is a top priority for individuals experiencing chronic anxiety. The fidget toys provide an outlet for individuals in environments that cause stress, anxiety and unfamiliarity. Individuals can apply the anxiety relief benefits of these toys to feel confident and at peace in new environments.

Enhanced Productivity

Using anxiety fidget toys can improve productivity for individuals experiencing heightened stress and anxiety. The toys limit distractions and provide an outlet for restlessness, allowing the mind to focus on daily tasks.

Types of Fidget Toys

Shopping for fidget toys is an enjoyable experience because it allows individuals to find the toys that slow their minds and provide focus and confidence. The toys come in several shapes, sizes and designs. The pricing makes these resources affordable enough for individuals to try several types to find the match for their symptoms.

Here’s a look at the top stress toys for adults to try.

Fidget Spinners

Most fidget spinners are made using plastic or metal. The design features three prongs that fit in the hand and spin.

Fidget spinners are excellent toys for individuals who struggle with hand fidgeting. The challenge is finding a balance between the anxiety benefits and the possible distractions they cause.

Stress Balls

Stress balls have been a popular stress relief strategy for decades. They’re a tried-and-true option when exploring options for stress toys for adults.

When shopping for the best stress balls, look for different sizes, textures and colors. Stress balls can help individuals release excess energy and calm the nervous system. Squeezing a stress ball starts the progressive muscle relaxation process. Look for stress balls with scents to enhance their anxiety-relieving properties.


Putty is a common item in homes and classrooms nationwide. Its popularity as a toy is widespread, but putty also acts as a remarkable stress toy for adults.

It acts as a sensory fidget toy, providing similar benefits to stress balls for anxiety patients. Squeezing the putty releases tension from the body and mind.

Chewable Pendants

The best anxiety fidget toys aren’t limited to options used in the hands. Chewable pendants, for example, provide relief as an oral sensory tool. They’re an outstanding anxiety toy for individuals who release stress through chewing fingernails, pencils, sleeves or hair.

Look for chewable pendants that are BPA-free and latex-free for the best health results. It’s critical to ensure the anxiety toys are safe to put in your mouth to release stress from the body.

Mindful Breathing Straws

Mindful breathing straws are effective and convenient stress toys for adults. They can be purchased as necklaces for quick access when stress and anxiety creep in.

You place the straw in your mouth and then inhale through the nose. Then, you exhale slowly through your mouth, breathing through the straw. The toy is designed to help individuals exhale fully, reducing anxiety and feelings of panic.

Seek Help for Anxiety Today

Anxiety can result in feelings of dread, stress and overstimulation. If anxiety fidget toys aren’t enough to counter these feelings or you’re dealing with a mental health issue, reach out for help and guidance. Contact us today to speak with the compassionate team at Sunlight Recovery for the help you deserve.