Whether you know him as Deadpool, Free Guy or Sandra Bullock’s assistant-turned-fiancé in The Proposal, Ryan Reynolds is a household name. The superstar’s humble beginnings in Canada and early success as a child actor served as his foundation as he reached international recognition for his work both on- and off-screen.

Although he appears comfortable in the spotlight, Ryan Reynolds’ anxiety often takes center stage and makes it difficult for him to truly feel at ease. He’s taken the brave step to publicly talk about his anxiety and how he manages it, which helps spur much-needed conversations on mental health and why it matters.

Ryan Reynolds: A Glimpse Into His Life and Career

Ryan Reynolds was the youngest of four sons born to a working-class family in Vancouver, Canada. Reynolds has remarked in interviews that he had a fairly normal, happy childhood, even though his father could be strict at times. He remembers himself as being a “really nervous kid” but found an outlet by participating in his school’s theatrical productions.

It wasn’t long before Reynolds got his first taste of success after attending an open casting call for a teen soap opera. He got his big break at just 13 years old when he landed the role of Billy Simpson on Hillside, and he remained on the show for several years before moving on to other roles in television and film.

Despite his initial success, Ryan struggled to find consistent work as an actor and had to take a job at a supermarket to make ends meet while he hustled to land gigs. He moved to Los Angeles at 19 years old to pursue his career in entertainment and eventually began to gain recognition for his work in several romantic comedies.

Ryan soared to superstardom when he started portraying various superheroes in film, including Green Lantern, Deadpool and Blade: Trinity. He also began racking up several awards for his work and kept television audiences entertained with appearances on late-night talk shows and interviews, where he gained a reputation for his funny and charming personality.

Today, Reynolds is known for numerous roles — more recently as husband to actress Blake Lively and father to four children. He’s also a successful businessman, making significant returns on his investments in ventures such as Mint Mobile and various professional sports teams.

Opening Up About Anxiety: Ryan Reynolds’ Candid Revelations

A-list celebrity status, millions of dollars and a beautiful family: Everything looks picture-perfect for Reynolds on the surface. But Ryan Reynolds’ commercial success and seemingly effortless charm are actually complicated by his battle with mental health.

According to Reynolds, he’s dealt with intense anxiety since he was a child but wasn’t always comfortable talking about it in the media. He began to speak openly about his struggles in 2021, a decision that was largely influenced by his supportive family. He shared in a social media post that he felt it was important to be open about his condition in order to model vulnerability for his children.

Reynolds has continued to elaborate on how his anxiety affects him and makes him feel. He revealed that his anxiety makes him feel like his personality is split into two parts, with the anxiety taking over at important moments, such as when he’s about to step out on stage for a big interview. The anxiety often makes it hard for Reynolds to be himself, so he’s had to find creative ways to cope with this, such as conducting press events as his character from the film he’s promoting to make media appearances less daunting. Learning tips and tricks like these can help everyday anxiety sufferers develop the tools they need to manage their condition.

As with many people, Ryan Reynolds’s depression also goes hand in hand with his anxiety. Reynolds deals with his depression by turning to physical exercise, namely lifting weights and running. There’s also data to show he has the right idea — studies indicate that exercising three times a week can reduce depressive episodes by 25%.

The Importance of Celebrity Advocacy for Mental Health

It can feel hard to personally relate to the celebrities we see on our screens, but every once in a while, they say something that makes you say, “Hey, me too!” That’s the reaction many had when Ryan Reynolds opened up about his long-time issues with anxiety. Reynolds says, “I know that when I felt at the absolute bottom, it’s usually been because I felt like I was alone in something I was feeling.” This is a sentiment plenty of people can understand, no matter who they are or what they do for a living.

Celebrities tend to have large platforms, especially online, and it’s easy for one simple post to reach potentially millions of people almost instantly. High-profile individuals like Ryan Reynolds speaking out about mental health can help the issue receive the attention it deserves. They can also contribute to destigmatization by allowing people to put a familiar face on common conditions that make people feel isolated and alone.

Finding Inspiration in Ryan Reynolds’ Anxiety Journey and Coping Skills

Reynolds’ experience with anxiety should be a reminder that no one is immune to mental health issues. Even those who seem to have it all together may privately be facing struggles. Ryan Reynolds’ mental illness journey serves as an inspiration for the millions of people who suffer from anxiety or similar conditions.

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