Maybe you have heard horror stories about drug and alcohol rehab. Maybe you have heard that rehab is like a revolving door where people are constantly be re-admitted yet never cured. Or maybe you simply do not want to put the work in to get sober.

The fact of the matter is that rehab can be hard work. With all of these ideas floating around, it can be difficult to convince someone to go to addiction rehab. However, addiction rehab is the number one solution to the addiction problem.

Let’s take a look at why addiction rehab is necessary, what steps you need to take to get help, and why it is important to go to rehab. If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction, know that it is never too late to seek recovery. We at Sunlight Recovery are here to help you.

Sick People Go to Hospitals

Addiction has received a lot of controversy in modern spheres of discussion. This is good, because it means that the stigma surrounding addiction is slowly fading away, and open and honest discussions are finally happening. However, one continued controversy revolves are recent studies regarding addiction that label it an actual disease rather than just a series of poor choices.

The disease model of addiction has struck a chord in many who feel that addiction is not actually a disease, but rather is a moral failure. Many individuals doubt that called addiction a disease will actually help these individuals seek treatment. In fact, these individuals often believe the opposite—that the disease model of addiction will enable people to continue using by blaming their “disease.”

While this theory does hold some weight, let’s remember that simply calling addiction a disease, like any other disease, does not necessarily discourage people from getting treatment. Take a look at diabetes, for example. Certain types of diabetes are often caused by living a poor lifestyle, much like addiction. People with diabetes do not eat more unhealthy foods because they think that having a disease gives them a free pass. On the contrary, these diabetic individuals seek treatment. The only difference between this diabetes example and someone struggling with addiction is the stigma around addiction and the way we tend to approach it.

Consider the way that addiction affects the brain as well. Addiction literally changes the structure of your brain, reshaping the reward, motivation, and memory pathways in your brain. Thus, the individual is somewhat of a person lost in a trance, and cannot always control their actions. This is all the more reason to seek addiction rehab. Although addiction is a disease, the choice to seek treatment is always available. We at Sunlight Recovery always want you to get the treatment you need, and it is never too soon or too late to get help.

People Aren’t Going

You may have heard the statistics about addiction rehab likening it to a revolving door with its relapse and re-admission rates. While it is true that there is a high rate of relapse, this is because addiction is, in many cases, a chronic disease. Therefore, relapses should not be looked at as a sign that addiction rehab has failed, but rather as a bump in the road of a lifelong journey to sobriety.

The bigger issue is that people just are not going to rehab when they need to be. Many people are not getting the treatment they need at addiction rehab. Some studies suggest that 90% of people who need treatment just do not get it. Addiction is perhaps one of the biggest problems in our society, and people are not trying to solve it. The question must be asked, “why?” Why are people not going? It may be due to a few different myths regarding addiction treatment.


One of a couple main reasons that people do not seek treatment is the various myths surrounding addiction. People often think that they have not yet hit rock bottom, so they do not need rehab yet. People think that seeking addiction rehab will make them appear weak. People think that it is too late for them, or that they can deal with their addiction on their own. The facts are that these are wrong.

There is no identifiable way to know when someone has hit rock bottom, thus, it might not be the same for everyone. Furthermore, seeking addiction rehab is not only for people at their “lowest,” rather, anyone with a problem should get treated. Addiction rehab does not make them weak—in fact, it is hard work to get treated. Seeking addiction rehab means you have acknowledged a problem and are working to fix it, and that is far stronger than letting the problem persist.

It is never too late for anyone to get help, and dealing with addiction on your own is unnecessary and harmful. As previously stated, individuals struggling with an addiction aren’t necessarily in control of their own brain, thus they cannot trust themselves to fix themselves.

The Only Way

If someone has cancer, they go to the hospital. This split-second knowledge of what to do should remain the same for addiction. Addiction is a disease that needs to be treated, and the fact that there are so many who remain untreated today is truly sad. The simple fact is that there is no other proven way to deal with your addiction than getting treatment. If even professional rehab has so many people who relapse, then it is clear that people just cannot do it on their own. It is also not a measure of willpower, as there are people in addiction rehab facilities who are trained medical professionals. These people are ready to assist you in any way they can.

Various forms of therapy including cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma counseling, holistic care, and many more options are all available to you should you seek addiction rehab. Right now, we simply do not know of any other way to combat addiction. But we do know this; if you seek treatment it will be likely be difficult. Despite this difficulty, you will be taking the first step on a lifelong journey to rediscovery of the self, and taking your life back into your own hands, and that is far worth the struggle. Addiction rehab is perhaps one of the most freeing, and the most necessary things in the life of an addict.

Getting Help

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