Your partner has gone through a medical detox under the supervision of medical professionals and has completed rehab. They’re ready to rebuild their lives with the perspective of someone seeking a sober life.

Being there for Your Spouse

Watching your partner now you may be in awe of their courage and the genuine hard work it took them to get through detox and rehab. You probably feel relieved that they were able to get help and willing do so. But don’t be hard on yourself if sometimes you still feel hurt or angry. You might even feel afraid that they could relapse and have to go back to rehab or worse.

You are not alone. These are normal feelings.

As you get back to your lives you need to remember that the journey isn’t over for either of you. Your partner will still have to face their addiction each day. They will still feel discouraged sometimes and you might too. Keep in mind, rehab is just the foundation of a sober life, the two of you have to build the infrastructure of that sober life together. Compassion is the best building block. Compassion for your partner and compassion for yourself.

Don’t Forget About Yourself

Rehab teaches us that we are worthy of a sober life. That we are worthy of a healthy life. You also deserve that. Supporting a partner through rehab and then through finding themselves is exhausting and can be heart wrenching to watch them struggle along the way. Don’t forget to care for yourself too.

You can do this by making sure you get enough sleep, that you remember to eat healthy meals and keep your body hydrated. Be sure to find a support group near you or a therapist so you have a safe space to process your hard feelings and fear. Don’t forget to care for yourself first and with the same thoughtfulness that you give your partner.

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